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January 1, 2006

Baby blogging

Hello, Visitor, and welcome to our new Family Blog. This blog will replace our previous Picasaweb offerings, "A Child is Born" and "FMS, the second 100 days." And it will go further, much much further. Please note that we are launching the blog just a little after Felix has turned six months old, and as a result a lot of the postings as of the launch date (1 September 2007) were actually written long after the photos or movies being discussed. In general it is clear if this is the case.

A few words on the technical aspects of this blog are in order. First, Talia Friedman is a nerd and without that nerdiness we (i.e., Alec) would never have gotten beyond Picasaweb. Trust me, this was harder to set up than it looks. Also, this blog allows you to comment and you may be sure that we are very interested in having your comments so please make use of that functionality.

And now, on with the show....

Posted by atshuldiner at 12:12 PM