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May 23, 2007

Movie: Multi-tasking

Learning to crawl and chew fist at the same time!

This movie helps to explain why Felix never did something that babies commonly do when learning to crawl: he never crawled backwards. Apparently, babies usually push with their legs and arms at the same time when first experimenting with crawling. But since they have better coordination with their arms the effect is to push themselves backwards. Obviously Felix’s arms were not in play since he was too busy stuffing them into his face. This gave his legs free play to move him forward. Eventually, he figured out that the arms had a role to play as well, but by then he was already going in the right direction.

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May 20, 2007

100 Days

The first three months (Feb 19 – May 19):

Yesterday, Milo, you turned 100 days old. We’ve made it through the first three months, the time at which according to Rebecca, I should be getting some tiny slice of my old existence back. Not sure about Rebecca, but at no time in my old existence was there a small little baby crying so close to me that I didn’t care about it. I care about the baby, a lot, just not that at this moment and for the several moments before this one it is crying.

Ok, turns out I do care since I just picked you up, laid you across my chest and belly, found your pacifier, patted your bottom and you fell asleep. This all took less than 60 seconds. So if this soothing goes so quickly how come I didn’t do it 10 minutes ago? Because it wouldn’t have worked then. You hadn’t fought sleep long enough. You get this from your father. I never fight sleep. I realized very early on, my mother claims from when I was only three weeks old, that it’s a losing battle. Sleep will always win. Please baby, won’t you please let sleep in.

So now you lay sleeping soundly on your stomach beside me. I delight in your sleep. Never before have your father and me, your parents, talked so much about sleep. I am fairly certain that the amount of time spent talking about your sleep far exceeds the amount of time we spend talking about all other topics combined.

To start with, the one aspect of your sleep we solved quickly, was putting you on your stomach. Of course we were advised against this by every book, doctor and childless friend, but we know that it is the only way you will sleep for longer than five minutes at a time. While we can generally get three hours out of you at a time during the night, for two consecutive nights we got five hours from you. We look forward to those days returning. Why your stomach? Because if we lay you on your back like we are supposed to, you flail your tiny little arms with such gusto you wake yourself up with the excitement. Conducting night symphony orchestras you father says. When you were very small, we could bundle you like the little burrito that you are and you would sleep rather peacefully, but as the weeks went on, you grew frustrated with not being able to flap about. Your father could still coax you into thinking bundling was comfy and successfully locked you hands behind your back, but soon this too stopped working as you grew too big for the receiving blankets we used for bundling.

Don’t think we abandoned you to tummy sleeping without a care, we worried the first few nights we tried you on your stomach, checking in on your very often, and flipping you to your back once we felt your were soundly asleep, we soon grew comfortable in your abilities to stay alive through the nights. You lift your head up remarkably well, my precious cobra asana king. If fact, you never really had the floppy head of newborns. You were born with an incredible alertness and a firm neck.

I love how you wake up in the morning and your face is puffy from sleep and wrinkled from the sheets. You father would always says that about me, but I never really appreciated how completely adorable that must look until you came around. I think we awake similarly, not only puffy faced but a bit disoriented. This is how we meet several times through the night. Puffy Faced and Disoriented. What a cute fest we must be. But listen Baby, let’s meet a bit less frequently shall we?

Oh and you stretch, so completely and deeply, it looks positively delicious.

We’ve twice or so caught you rolling from your back to your stomach. A huge achievement! I think when you have gained mastery of this you will sleep better. I hope.

We’ve done a lot more together than only think of your sleep, but you know, it’s all a bit hazy for the significant lack of it.

Love, Mama
ps. I'm not just saying that, I really do already love you.
pps. Not sure about "Mama" yet, i might be a Ma, or a Mommy, or a Mom, but for now, Love, Mama

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May 19, 2007

Movie: Laughing

He has finally learned to laugh, though it takes a lot of Talia's fake giggling to get him to do so.

Talia taught him to laugh: she was able to fake the sound effectively. I can’t. To get him to laugh I have to throw him dangerously high in the air, and then he’ll let out a manic giggle. To each his own.

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May 13, 2007

Movie: Breath of fire

Greet the morning with a breath of fire.

His yawns are spectacularly luxurious. This is not, actually, a morning film: he doesn’t wear a hoodie to bed.

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May 12, 2007

Movie: Motor Skills

Yay! Motor skill training is paying off!

t’s a big deal, being able to hold something. But it’s just one step on a very long path. He then had to learn to let go voluntarily, to switch things from hand to hand, to associate the hand’s movement with sounds made by something in the hand (hence a rattle), and so on. He has only recently begun to learn that things can have a “right” way and a “wrong” way; his one-way pacifier is teaching him that.

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May 9, 2007

Movie: Co-Sleeping

This is why we don't co-sleep. Really, we tried, he's just too noisy.

So much noise from such a small baby! He makes less noise now—while sleeping at any rate—but we’re just as happy to have him in his own room. The downside, of course, is that it takes a trip out of bed to deal with his night problems, whether feeding or just general disturbance. In principle, this should mean that only one parent need be disturbed for any given event, but in practice, and for many reasons, that’s not the way it works.

Suffice to say, sleep is a big, indeed the big issue for us right now. He’s good about going to sleep as a rule (not a strict rule, admittedly) but he’s up with much too much regularity. The problem is, I think, two-fold: first, he is accustomed to too many night feedings, and second, he hasn’t yet learned to put himself back to sleep, so all disturbances require parental intervention.

The real problem is that we have waited too long, and now there is a complicating factor: he has learned to pull himself into a standing position using the bars of his crib…but hasn’t learned to lie himself back down. Well one way or another he has to get sleep-trained, and now, at six months and a week or two we are making a concerted effort on this front. Wish us luck.

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May 6, 2007

Movie: SMILE!

Super Smile!

One of the things you most want your baby to do is smile. It is the first thing he gives back. The early smiles are probably meaningless, a random nervous twitch, but the feedback the baby gets from his minders quickly teaches him the implications of this facial tic. Having learned, he, or at least ours, uses it often.

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May 1, 2007

More Milo

In the second month he started to take form. Others claimed to be able to see Felix’s parents’ features in Felix’s face, but I at least could not. Nor could I in the second month, but I did notice that at least his face started to look more or less the same from moment to moment and day to day. Oh, and back then we switched over to calling him “Milo” for a while. Then he was simply “FM” (at least in my writing). Then we learned that babies learn their names very early and realized we should stop messing around. So we went back to Felix and have stuck with it. For now.

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