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June 17, 2007


We took Felix to an island for a cultural festival, but really, of course, we went to hang out with our friends. We shared a house with Sophie and Frank and their lovely daughters Julia and Jasmijn. Cisca and Jorge were there as well, with Yone of course. All much more experienced parents than we, able to get enough sleep, to go where they want with their kids, to live life just as they like…well, not quite. But we certainly did learn a number of new tricks. A couple of favorites: Upon arriving at a particularly crowded event at the festival, Cisca and Jorge grabbed Yone and a marker and wrote their cell phone number on his little tricep. Very smart, given his penchant for wandering off and making new friends. (Actually, given this penchant I’m surprised they haven’t had it tattooed on him.) Frank and Sophie were an inspiration, as always, in the patience with which they correct their children, but what we had not previously seen was their at-home gymnastic lessons. Our attempts to imitate them, either as patient parents or as gymnastic ones have met with only middling success thus far.

Posted by talia at June 17, 2007 5:50 PM