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June 19, 2007

Month Four (May 19 – June 19)

So much has happened in just a few short weeks.

Having returned from Portugal we realize that you are just too darn large to be bathed in the bathroom sink, time for a change: The Big Bath. We’ve started a nice little nighttime routine you took to really well: we take a bath, all three of us in the tub together. It’s relaxing for all of us. Sometimes you kick and sometimes you chill. Sometimes you nurse, it’s super cute, though really I’d rather you nurse after the bath since the removing the baby from the bath and dressing the baby for night time never quite goes smoothly and all our efforts to calm you are thwarted and you can only be soothed by a good feeding, which if I’ve nursed you in the tub, you’ve already had. I really appreciate how your father gets out of the tub first, even without losing at rock paper scissors, to deal with this transition, since frankly, by the time 7pm rolls around, I really cannot manage another one of your breakdowns.

Anyway, after you are clean and in a fresh onsie, you snuggle into your wonderful sleep sack and come on up for a good long drink. Very often you are willing to be placed in the crib and quickly drop off for a long slumber of four hours. Sometimes you continue to fight sleep and put up a bit of a struggle.

You’ve gotten really very good at grabbing things, holding them, and stuffing what you can of them into your mouth. Everything goes into your mouth. Except the Ball of All Frustration which you can grab exceptionally well, yet not manage to get into your mouth. Parents deserve to be amused too.

You are busy each hour it seems trying to sit up. When I lay you down to change your diaper, you lift your head and strain your neck in an attempt to be up-right. With only very slight help from us, you do indeed make your way up. And let me tell you, Milo, all those sit-up are really paying off. Aside from the mini six-pack you’ve developed you started to roll really well from one side to another. I think even sometimes you mean to do it. And scoot. Each time I go to you in the night you are in a completely different part of your bed from how I left you. I haven’t witnessed this movement, but I suppose you inch your way around the mattress like a worm.

Today you napped for a grand total of one hour, pooped a grand total of four diaper changes and maintained a sunny disposition nearly the entire day. What a guy. You slumber now, soundly, deeply, and perhaps also for a long time. They say sleep begets sleep and indeed these past few days in Israel you have been napping well and sleeping well, tonight we shall test the theory. My love, we have accomplished something great with this nighttime routine. Thank you for liking it as much as I do. Now, if we could just eliminate the crying post bath while getting dressed bit, we will really be aces. I think only once you awoke in the past week for something non-feeding related. My champ.

You’ve also been quite a wonder in meeting all the new relatives. They come right up to you and pinch your delicious cheeks and as if on cue you smile back. I do miss the sweet little pout followed by silent crying you used to greet new people with, but seems you know that a smile will garner love and friendship.

Your smile has certainly hooked me.

Love, Mama

Posted by talia at June 19, 2007 4:05 PM