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July 23, 2007

Movie: Old Skool New Skool

That is one hip baby. You should see his Michael Jackson videos.

Dance baby, dance dance dance! You can’t blame us, he really doesn’t mind—stuffing his fists in his mouth is generally a sign of delight—and we swear you’d do the same if you had a chance. By the way, we take requests: send us your favorite song and we’ll see if he’s inspired to boogie.

I should mention that this is harder to do than it looks.

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July 19, 2007

Month Five (June 20 - July 19)

Even though I’m fairly certain you don’t know what I’m talking about, we started to sit together on the big green nursing chair to read one of the books from your growing library. I am pretty surprised at how calmly you can sit and pleased when it’s actually a book as beautiful as the Mountain that Loved a Bird. It’s a pretty long one, and despite having had read two short books just prior, you sat very contentedly in my lap until about half way through, at which point you pooped. Returning to the book after a quick diaper change (for I really wanted to read this one through it’s so beautiful) you sat happily in my lap until the end. And then gladly went to your crib for a nap. My sweet delicious trouble free boy. (let’s not go into too much detail about the hour long freak-out you experienced yesterday afternoon shall we???). Even on "off' days you still want to read but also eat everything in site while we do so, I let you chew on the perfectly sized book for a four month old Dikkie Dik.

This month has been all about the master class. Things you started doing last month, you do with tremendous coordination now. You’ve practically mastered sitting, you’ve gone up to five minutes unaided. Everything must be touched and tasted. You seem particularly fond of the fringe of the rug. You set your eye on a target and seem to really enjoy the process of getting to it. You reach for things, deliberately with one hand and when you see that you can’t reach, you’ll try with the other hand. And if that doesn’t work you’ll throw your whole body towards the goal. Pretty clever really. If that still doesn’t get you what you want, you crawl. In this one month you went from digging your face into the ground and worming your way a cm at a time, to quite handily making your way around the room. Not doing opposing limbs yet, preferring both hands then both feet with perhaps a pause for laying on your belly raising all limbs together. It’s like you are trying to will the toys to you. I hope one day it works that way. Needless to say we remove from your fingers and toes your body weight in lint.

You take great pleasure in seeing me or your dad or yourself in the mirror. It’s the easiest way to elicit a smile. You also seem to enjoy when I lift your up to sniff your diaper. You must be thinking: “ha ha made you sniff”

Since you still want to feed every three hours both day and night, we decided to try adding rijstpap to a bottle at night. Several people suggested this, alas, after 5 nights of trying, you still aren’t sleeping longer. I’ve been feeding you every three hours for the past five months, perhaps you could do me a favor and just be full already? You are a champion eater and despite the midnight feeding a great sleeper, both night and day.

I think this month you also fell in love with me. The joy across your face in seeing me has more than once nearly made me cry. You’ve also started to nuzzle my face and neck in a totally different way than you do everything else you stuff into your mouth. It’s like you think I’m so cute that your want to eat me right up.

Oh and you laugh. Deep, full body laughs. Thank you for all of those.

Love, Mama

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July 7, 2007

Movie: Who's that in the Mirror?

Who's that in the mirror, and why is he so funny? No, seriously, can anyone explain what the deal is with babies and mirrors? Does he know it's him? And if so, how?

What is the deal with babies and mirrors? I would really like to know. Do they understand it’s themselves? Or does he simply look as cute to himself as he does to us? Whatever it is, he always gives himself a big smile.

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July 6, 2007

Movie: Wax On, Wax Off

Yum, floor! We will have to rewax that area no doubt. I particularly like his enthusiasm. He is a very whole-hearted baby when it comes to putting things in his mouth or, as in this case, trying to.

What is the pleasure here? It can’t taste good (hopefully it doesn’t taste at all; he should be getting nothing but beeswax from that floor). He can’t rub his gums on it. It’s not particularly warm or cold. I guess it’s just the thrill of exploration.

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