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August 22, 2007

Feeding Felix

We are very eager for Felix to learn to eat solid foods, not only because we are big eaters ourselves, but also because we hope that with solid food will come solid sleep. The mess he makes is spectacular, of course, and we don’t even picture the worst of it (the worst was yesterday when I put in too big a spoonful whereupon he cheerfully threw up, creating a large pool on his high chair tray, and then raised his hands to try his splashing routine, learned in the tub just the other day…I grabbed him just in time). He strikes me as very patient with us as we suddenly start pushing these outré flavors into his sensitive little mouth. Rice pap is perhaps not such a shock, but think about eating a banana for the first time, or how sour even a sweet apple is if you’ve never tasted anything sour at all. Still, he adjusts quickly: apple today didn’t produce anything like the amount of grimacing as apple did yesterday.

He has shown a lot of interest in our eating motions. I wonder if he realizes that what he is now doing is the equivalent.

Posted by talia at August 22, 2007 4:41 AM