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August 19, 2007

Month Six (July 19 – August 19)

You've turned five month, and it's been a month of many firsts. A long plane trip, while not your first, brought you for the first time the the US. First walk through the forest to pick blackberries, first time to the Ocean, first dip in a pond, first nap on the beach. First lobster roll, oh no wait, that was me. You met all of your grandparents, nine of your uncles and aunts, and a handful of cousins. You've even completely charmed other kids' grandparents. One dear friend of my parents returned two days after meeting you desperate to see you again, "I just love him," she said.


This month you have spent much of your waking hours grabbing things and shoving them into your mouth. It seems you think everything belongs there. Go directly to mouth, do not pass go. You grab hair (thus I have spent all of this month with mine in a pony tail aka, Princess Hair). You grab your feet, pull off your socks and suck on your big toe. You grab paper, gum it all up and wave it around. Reading the New Yorker while feeding you is a thing of the past, you are, it seems at times, as interested in the Cartoon Challenge as I am. Basically, if you can reach it, you will get to it and shove it in your mouth.

And reaching things has become increasingly easy for. You no longer lay on your stomach flapping your limbs trying to will this or that to you. Rather, you lift your bum and crawl over to just about anything that catches your eye. It’s particularly charming when what you’ve set your eye on is me.

You’ve become quite conversationalist. Story telling really since you don’t pause much like the books say you would. Ba ba ba’s and dddddddd’s where you are happy and mmmmm and nnnnnnnn when blue.


You can sit unsupported for a couple of minutes. But that ain’t nothing since just in the nick of time, to be including in this months accomplishments you stood up in your crib. It’s been nothing but standing since. My little Hercules.


We read somewhere that around this time you should start recognizing your name. As is toggling between Felix and Milo wasn’t confusing enough, referring to you mostly as Baby, Booberino, Boob Zorino, Lil’ Leash or Mr. Cadifje hasn’t made Name Recognition one of your accomplishments. My fault.

You are so very lovely Felix Milo. You have made the days intense, crazy, exhausting, and sweet. Quite a complex accomplishment!

Watch out, next month we introduce you to formula and to solid foods. Grab that!

Love, Mama

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