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August 24, 2007

Movie: RiverDance

We were very impressed by a documentary on the making of Riverdance we saw some months ago, back when FM was still a fetus. Apparently, thanks to the worldwide craze for this show, anyone who can Irish step dance has a job, guaranteed. We've decided to start training early rather than investing in a college fund. He'll thank us later.

We bought this device some time ago, but had some trouble hanging it, being unable to find studs above the ceiling (they must be there somewhere). Finally put it here in the doorway to the patio. Thank goodness: one of the difficult things about Felix right now is that he wants to be standing up almost constantly. He is now able to pull himself upright and can walk along sideways if his handholds hold out, but unless he’s in his crib at some point he will come to the end of the couch or whatever it is he’s using to hold himself up and then he will fall, if not sooner. His patience for the crib is limited (and besides, it has other, more important functions), the number of times we want him to bang his head is likewise limited, so we either need something to let him stand or we have to spend a lot of time lending him our hands. This device is that something: it doesn’t let him walk around, but it does let him lift his feet which is apparently what he is after (if he actually wants to get someplace he’ll crawl there). And, of course, he will occasionally do a jig, which is extremely entertaining.

Posted by talia at August 24, 2007 5:15 AM