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August 15, 2007

Movie: Stop Crawl and Roll

Here's a not particularly coordinated crawl session. He's somewhere between military man crawl (or what the Dutch call "tijgeren," which means to move like a tiger) and real crawling, and his climbing skills are rapidly advancing. A good roll there too, but unfazed he gets back to business.

I believe we took this footage fairly late in the day so he wasn’t in his best form, but did take the fall quite well. What you are seeing is his early attempts to pull himself up a more challenging surface than the easily graspable bars of his crib. You are also seeing his willingness to do anything for his mother. Finally, note his occasional useless flailing of his legs. That is a throwback to earlier days when he, like many babies, would alternate productive crawling with unproductive balancing-on-the-tummy-and-making-flying-motions. Now, a month on, he has abandoned any motion that doesn’t get him closer to his goal.

Posted by talia at August 15, 2007 4:02 PM