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September 28, 2007

Movie: Spic and span baby, part 2

Following his successful conquest of the dishwasher (one in a series: see also Conquering the Oven), I thought he might turn his attention elsewhere, for example to the refrigerator or some other novel appliance with pleasingly cold steel surfaces. No, he wanted to show it was no fluke, so back he came for round 2. Which just goes to show: I never should have let him start on this in the first place. Emptying the dishwasher, previously a streamlined process in which, for the sake of speed, we didn't even sort the silverware, now takes a quarter hour, most of which is spent fishing Felix out of the lower dishrack.

Posted by atshuldiner at September 28, 2007 7:47 PM


I would like to remind you, that dishwasher filling/emptying is perhaps the most fundamental of Friedman children's kitchen skills. Try as you might to keep him out of the Bosch (obviously not trying very hard, given the risk/entertainment ratio), F.M. undoubtedly possesses a genetic predisposition for maintaining this critical household function.

Posted by: Yaron at October 2, 2007 7:33 AM