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November 29, 2007

More funny faces

I didn't put any captions on these photos--for the most part they speak for themselves. They are in roughly chronological order and feature Felix covered with one or another food-based paste, or his own baby spit, or both (except for the one that features him covered with filth from the dishwasher: told you not to play in there, son). My favorite is probably the one where he has his eyes closed: that's an avocado he has clutched in his little fist and smeared all over his body and his environs; the photo provides graphic evidence of what happens when you sneeze while trying to eat one.

I include the last photo by way of proof of this statement: he's lucky he didn't come out worse.

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November 19, 2007

Movie: The "Hey Felix" game

Riding the bike without him just isn't the same.

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Movie: Birthday egg yolk

Taste sensation!

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November 17, 2007

Movie: The great chase

Another great soundtrack, and another action filled movie. Most of our many games are variations on me shouting "boo" at him, which is odd, because his name isn't Boo, it's Felix. (In joke.) Still, he likes it, until he gets tired of it, which is definitely a question of attention span not endurance: with those fat pads on his knees he can keep going on the hard floor a lot longer than I can.

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Movie: Music appreciation

He's certainly heard music before, but for some reason Erlend Oye really caught his attention. Well, for good reason, it's awesome music.

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Movie: The long climb

This is, by our standards, a long movie, but you'll have to give the little guy a break: what he accomplishes here is the equivalent of you climbing Machu Picchu, which is to say possible, but certainly not quick. Above all, both feats require more than your average amount of persistence. But of course persistence is one of his strong points.

This was the second or third time he climbed the stairs. The first time he tried he fell down after getting up only two stairs and then decided to go do something else. The second time he succeeded, and every time thereafter, however on his most recent ascent he fell again, rolling several stairs (quite slowly, but not able to stop himself) before I blocked him from falling further. This really gave him pause for thought, but it did not stop him from completing the climb.

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Movie: Learning to drink, part 2

Here he is drinking again. He is nothing if not enthusiastic: by the time we got the glass away from him he had a little dent in his forehead from trying to jam his face into it. Ice tea in case you are wondering.

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November 14, 2007

Movie: Learning to drink, part 1

We've been teaching him to use a sippy cup, but he's shown more interest in real glasses. It's a bit difficult to know how much he's actually drinking here--and how much do we want him to drink anyway? This is the bathwater after all--since it all runs out the bottom eventually.

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November 11, 2007

Movie: Hating the hood

This reminds me of that scene in the Lord of the Rings where they tie Gollum up with elven rope. Weird thing is right afterwards we all went out and ate raw fish.

I had originally intended this movie to be about him running in circles trying to find his pacifier on its cord. He'd been doing that just a moment before I began shooting and it was immortally adorable, classic puppy dog and tail. But as so often happens, once the camera is there he refuses to repeat his behavior.

Why is he getting so mad, you ask? It's not the pacifier cord, it's going over his time limit in the coat without going outside. He hates putting on the coat but puts up with it if it means a walk.

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Felix funny face

In reviewing the past posts, it occurs to us that the reader/blogviewer/whatever may suspect us of offering an unbalanced view of Felix. "How," this r/b/w thinks, "can any one baby be so consistently cute?" By way of answer we offer these photos, taken of Felix in his very off moments...and yet still the cute shines through.

(What isn't cute is his continuing sleep disturbances, but that doesn't make for very interesting footage.)

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November 10, 2007

Movie: Presidential Athletic Award

We finally got gates installed at the top and bottom of our staircase, a not-untypically steep one here in Amsterdam. The mini-case leading to the loft we neglected. Apparently a bad idea. The whole notion of baby-proofing is a bit ridiculous in light of the fact that it isn't just one baby, it is a constantly changing baby, and thus what is proof one day is very much not so the next.

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November 3, 2007

Movie: Why doesn't he like me?

He does like you, Felix, he just has a funny way of showing it.

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