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December 31, 2007

Movie: Practicing doors

I thought I would have to wait until he was a teenager to have him slam doors in my face. What a precocious child.

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December 30, 2007

Movie: The Great Pacifier Thief

Every once in a while Felix meets a bigger kid who teaches him some of the facts of life. In this case Austin, who teaches him that you can run but you can't hide.

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Felix hits the big city of San Francisco

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December 29, 2007

Movie: Lemonhead

An old family tradition, feeding citrus to babies to see how their sensitive taste buds react. Not good for his enamel, we know, we know, but we only did it that once. Really.

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December 28, 2007

Movie: Making his way down the stairs

Making his way down the stairs from Talia on Vimeo.

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December 27, 2007

Movie: Felix loves mommy

But of course we already knew that.

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FMS the Fearless Flyer

FMS the Fearless Flier from Talia on Vimeo.

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December 25, 2007

Movie: Felix and the magic ball

This one is kind of gross. The next guy to try to improve his hand coordination or do whatever one does with those balls is in for a surprise.

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December 24, 2007

Movie: Felix and the giant cheese

We told him No Dairy until you're 1 year old, but does he listen? No, he does not.

Ha ha, you think, he'll never gnaw through that rind. Well ha ha on you: we gave him a box of frozen peas to play with while we made him lunch today. He was gumming frozen peas about thirty second later. He only has two teeth but they are sharp.

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December 19, 2007

Month Ten (November 19 - December 19)

Dear little baby Felix,

You spent this entire month without your dad since he couldn't come out to San Francisco with us when we did. I know for sure that was hard on him and I am fairly sure that was pretty confusing for you since it seems at times you were looking for those legs with the hair you so love to pull on. You’ll see those legs again really soon sweets. Though I don’t know, you seem to be phasing out of the hair pulling obsession. Thank you thank you thank you. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks teaching you “gentle” and I think I’m getting through to you. Most notably, a couple of mornings in a row you very gently touched the tips of my eyelashes with the tips of your fingers. My Little Bulldozer I couldn’t even really understand it since soft and tender hasn’t really been your thing. But it’s there and we didn’t even need to dig very deeply to find it. Now of course the following mornings you tried to pry my eyes open with those claws of yours….baby steps.

Speaking of baby steps, there’s no stopping you. You are one constantly on the go little dude. You aren’t quite standing on your own, but there is no set of stairs you won’t climb. You even stopped diving head first off the couch favoring turning around. You are increasingly confident walking along the wall and make bigger and bigger passes from object to object. Even tough you are an extremely efficient crawler and climber, I still think you’ll start walking any moment now.

You love going to the park. You love the slide and the swing though definitely not the tea cup. I don’t blame you, I nearly barfed myself when I tried it to figure out why you don’t like it. You barely eat any of the sand and aren’t upset when bigger kids want to play with the thing you are playing with. You just keep on keeping on.

You love to gnaw on my shoes when they aren’t on my feet. Felix, that’s disgusting. You are unthreatened by Mama the Disciplinarian. This has got to change because I feel I’m being fairly forceful and you continue to feel that I’m being pretty funny. You are very good at opening the lid to the trash, the toilet, and just about any door that’s not tightly shut. You are completely aware that things exist even though they aren’t in your sight. Where’d that thing you took from my hand go? Oh, it must be behind that door she keeps opening and tucking things behind. Felix, you are a clever one.

You remain completely fond of food. Eggs, which I have come to feed you daily, get a lip smacking response. However, it’s gotta be made fresh. You take no interest in an egg made earlier in the day. To that point, you very decisively know what you like and what you don’t. Or, what you like but have had enough of. You effectively block the spoon path by raising your fists to your sealed mouth. Or you’ll pick up a piece of broccoli or whatever else and drop it back on the tray, or the floor or anywhere that is away. Peas, apples, pears, blueberries, black beans, broccoli, carrot (lest they be cooked) bananas, yogurt and on occasion butternut squash. A few times this month while eating out I let you eat just something off the menu or something off my plate and that works super. Mashed potatoes, some fish, fries. You ate all my latkes this Hanukka. You love it all and that makes loving you even easier.

This month you learned to dance. We borrowed a little music table from Eli and Tessa and when the ABC song come on you bend at the knees and wave your hand around. I’m pretty sure also that you wave your hand hello and goodbye sometimes even unprompted. It’s very gratifying. Hello Felix.

You got to spend a ton of time with your grandparents and your uncle and auntie Er. They love you so much. You are such a bubon. So many hugs, so many funny songs, so many hot tubs. You love love love the hot tub. And Occam. He fascinates you. You chase after that patient cat. You are desperate to eat his food. No Felix. No.

You love being tossed in the air, but that is increasingly difficult as you are one dense little number. Totally worth the effort though for the wild laugh doing so elicits. You love the unpredictable tosses.

You’ve also discovered that lying around in bed, my bed at least, is so nice to do even when awake. You can only do it for a few minutes first thing in the morning, but I’m so grateful for this in bed snuggle time you can’t even imagine. Exhaustion like this Felix I hope you never know. When do you think you’ll be able to find your own pacifier at night? A rough indication would really help me out. You know how to do it during the day, and I’ve even made the room not too dark at night but it doesn’t seem to help. I think perhaps that you are actually asleep but would wake up if you don’t have it. Yes, I know taping it to your face is considered bad parenting.

That’s all for now little guy. You are my sunshine.

Love, Mama

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December 5, 2007

Photos from Month 9

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