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January 19, 2008

Movie: The Oatmeal Joke

What's so funny about breakfast? Mommy is, that's what.

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Month Eleven (Dec 19 - Jan 19)

Dear baby Felix,

You have proven yourself time and again to be one flexible and well-adjusted kid. We disrupted your sleep about as many times as we've disturbed yours this month and still each day you love to see our faces. Well, gosh darn it, I love to see your face too kiddo.

You haven't yet learned to walk or stand, two things I was expected you to be able to do given what a unique physical specimen (read: bulldozer) you are, but you can do so many other things:

There isn't a staircase in the world you can't climb in either direction. You've become an expert at getting down from the bed, the couch, chair, always turning yourself around and dangling you feet down. Savta claims she taught you this and since I don't recall ever showing you myself, I will give her the credit for it. Although, to be fair, you are a pretty clever little dude who knows that head first is for slides only.

You point, sometimes just because you see something cool like a light or a tree or yourself in the mirror. Sometimes it's because you want that very specific thing, like banana, water bottle, Cheerios

You shake your head when I guess incorrectly what you are pointing toward, or that you no longer want any more of whatever food I am offering to you. I gotta wonder where that came from. I find that between the pointing and the shaking of the head you are really developing an effective way of expressing your will. I love this leap in communication.

You eat just about everything we've offered you and in great quantities, and hardly cup up at all. You've reacted just so totally enthusiastically about everything that I've come around to giving you just about the same foods I feed myself. Tofu, black beans, yogurts, prunes, corn, really just about anything.

You have the beginnings of waving hello and the high five.

And, most sweetly, we do a little Bonk and Kiss routine: when I say "bonk", we touch our foreheads together, when I say "kiss", we kiss. A big, wet sloppy one since you don't know yet it's not OK to French kiss your own mother.

Soon, you will be one year old. Soon, we will clink our milk glass together.

Love, Mama

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January 16, 2008

Movie: Round and around he goes

I swear, honestly, that when I stopped him he had a smile on his face! This was his second ride!

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January 12, 2008

A day at Stinson Beach

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January 8, 2008

Movie: Freaking out Felix

Look out from above!

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January 7, 2008

I can haz hand-dipped corn dog?

IMG_3159 (Medium).jpg

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At the Aquarium in Seattle

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January 6, 2008

Movie: High five

Now that's motivational teaching!

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Movie: Sleep!

"Sleep!" I am such a hypnotist.

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January 4, 2008

Movie: Pineapple

It's been a while since we've had a Felix-eating-something movie. Here it is: pineapple, his new favorite.

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