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March 27, 2008

Movie: Should I laugh or should I cry?

Sometimes I find myself torn between pride--how can this little baby climb this thing?--and fear--this little baby should definitely NOT climb this thing. Usually pride wins....

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March 16, 2008

Movie: Putting things through other things

Sounds simple. Isn't.

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March 13, 2008

Movie: Brushing Felix's teeth

This movie is particularly apropos as he has just today cut his third tooth! Gotta keep 'em clean....

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Movie: Where's Felix?

Oooh, that wascaly wabbit! He sure can be tough to catch sometimes. You'll note that he has his diaper on this time: the day before he pulled the same stunt, but while hiding behind the curtains peed on the radiator, ha ha ha, but I learned my lesson. And as for that "clunk" sound, yes, it was his head hitting the same radiator, not that he noticed.

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Movie: Playing soccer

As you may know, Felix started walking on his birthday. Now, a month later, he has progressed to soccer. Really.

Actually, there is quite a lot to see in this movie qua development. Note how he figures out how to go around the side of the speaker to get his ball within reach. His throwing is also greatly improved: he used to be able to throw backwards only, which is of limited utility as you might imagine. But the thing I find most interesting about this movie, kicking a ball aside, is how he treats the paper-covered light cabinets. He is under strict instructions not to touch them. He is unable to ignore them altogether, however, but seems to be reminding himself of the rules rather than simply transgressing them.

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March 6, 2008

Movie: Grapefruits, part 2

An even funnier eating-grapefruit movie.

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March 3, 2008

Movie: Grapefruits, part 1

As we have noted elsewhere, FM is oddly fond of sour flavors, and in particular he shares his father's love of grapefruits. Shown here, one of his frequent attempts to empty the grapefruit depot:

And here, he enjoys a grapefruit piece:

Note the similarity in style with the previously published insect-eating movie:

That's our boy!

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