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June 19, 2008

Month 16

Dear Felix,

At 16 months, you are on the border of baby and boy. You are growing taller and thinner. Your face is slightly less round. You run. You make decisions and have opinions. You are transitioning into a once a day napper. Nonetheless I still refer to you to your father as "the baby". I suppose I should transition too.

You love to read. You have favorite books and favorite parts in book. The Mitten, the kibbutz poetry book, Corduroy, Ferdinand, and that book of Israeli songs. You basically love any book that has me making a loud sneeze or a pop. Reading to you has become my performance art and lately, when you reach for a book yourself, you read it aloud with full animation. You are also beginning to point out things correctly in the book: Corduroy, dolphin, sail boat.

You have two more teeth, making a whopping three on the bottom and three on top. As such you remain a little vegetarian. Though I'll admit the temptation to give you a piece of the meatball is growing hard to resist. You continue to eat with great vigor all sorts of food, mashed potatoes, eggs, pizza are among your favorites. For about a week you were eating great amounts of Tete du Moine which we all paid for dearly with an over the top number of diaper changes.

You love giving kisses and will do so nearly on command. When you say goodbye to your friend Koyan, we have to sometime tear you two apart of a jaw lock. At a party a few weeks ago you gave a kiss to a baby a few months younger than you. One kiss lead to another and then before too long you were sitting on top of her, then laying on top of her and then...lets just say it's a good thing you both had your diapers on.

On our trip to Israel you were a real champ. People everywhere fell in love with you. You got to spend a lot of time with Saba and Savta and uncle Yaron all of whom are truly gaga for you in ways for which there are no words. You brightened the lives of your great grandparents as well with daily laughter, exploring, and charm. Your father says that when you returned your babbling was distinctly Hebrew.

For a little while there, particularly on the heels of that trip you said "toda" when giving something to someone. Your other words are Ne and Hot. You say Mama and Dada, but not exclusively to mean Mama and Dada yet. Charmingly and thankfully you more often wake up and call Mama as opposed to crying. You indicate you are All Done with your meal by raising both hands. You understand a great many words, Water, Banana, Yogurt, Sit, Tram, Bed, Nap, Dog, Horse, and really so many others.

I know this letter is brief, and perhaps lacks some soul, but it's been getting to be so very long past 16 months, that i just had to get some of the great things that are you down. Continue your greatness kiddo.

Love, Mama

Posted by talia at June 19, 2008 9:38 PM