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October 19, 2008

Movie: Tripletake

Just classic.

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Month 20

Dear Felix,

Suddenly and despite your father and I referring to you as the baby most of the time, you have become a little boy. With little boyhood come big changes, though not yet much more hair. You have some hair, and it's getting a very little bit longer, but all in all you have very little of it. What you have more of is teeth. Four molars have come in in two months. Each of them brought with them a fever and two or three days of you being really out of sorts and uncomfortable.

Thank goodness that passes. When you are not out of sorts, you are your usual charming and fun self. Your love for cars (ca) and wheeled things in general has blossomed. Everything from a simple wheeled Duplo piece to your wagons and Bobbycar to tricycles, trucks, and skateboards. You love making everything move, roll and ride - getting behind the wheel. You hop out the stroller and push it for miles if you had the time to do it. Like me, you prefer to be in the drivers seat to being a passenger. You try to make me remove my hands from the handle bars of the bike and replace your own.

You continue to be a model eater and your spoon/fork handling is improving as well. You like to scoop your food up onto the spoon and carefully following the spoon with your free hand pushing the food and spoon into your mouth with your free hand. Perhaps not terribly efficient and certainly quite messy, but I don't mind since your appetite is so good and your diet so varied. Good table manner will soon follow. Your favorite food I think is raisins, which do not require a spoon.

You have a bunch more words that you did in the beginning of the summer. Nana (banana), nay, no, uh (Yes), kij (kijk, look), uh oh, ow, eye, mou (mouth), wa wa (waffles), hi, bye, ca (car), wow, mama, dada, up, out, dow (down). You know all the parts of the face including both of your adorable cheeks. You know that dogs woof, cats meow, owls who who, and cows moo. You think some smalls dogs meow too which offends some dog owns.

You are often humming a little tune, and I've heard you hum the entire ABC song. You have several more dance moves though the Shoulder Shimmy still is a head motion for you. You love the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

You are increasingly fond (to put it all very mildly) of your little Lovie. The sheep neck pillow is your version of my LBP (Little Baby Pillow). You clutch one of its ears or its tail burrow your head in the arch of its body and rest. We only on very rare occasion take Lovie out with us, an overnight trip for example. Upon our return from one such trip, while at the airport, you were so totally tired - it was after all and nearly two hours after your bedtime - you laid down on the floor by the passport control in the airport, clutching, burrowing, ready to collapse wherever we'd allow. You get that from me.



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October 10, 2008

Movie: Keeping busy at the airport

We travel by plane quite a bit and as FM has grown older the flights and everything around them require a bit more energy and creativity to keep this active toddler pleasant.

Pushing the stroller was already a favorite pastime, here he is doing it with the added benefit of ad infinitum.

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