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January 26, 2009

Felix Bits: Conversation

Last night during bath time dada and I were talking about Google Mail. In an attempt to either participate in the conversation or out-nerd us you topped off your bubble hat and repeated three times Googoo mai googoo mail googoo mai.

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January 22, 2009

Felix Bits: Words

You've been sick all week and that has lead to some frustrating conversations. You seem to not really know what you want and have several times a day gone into fits for reasons beyond my comprehension or control. For example, you wanted the big blanket off the bed and on the floor, that much i understood, but i couldn't guess the exact configuration of folds and directions you were trying to get me so desperately to understand with your cries and grunts. When I asked your to please "Use your words" - a phrase I have expressed to you several times a week since your birth - you responded with "Words." A first.

Thanks FM. That clears it right up.

You are otherwise expressing yourself and describing the things around you much better. No longer are all birds "Caw Caw". There are now hens, ducks, cranes, and goose. There are also new adjectives: big goose, big tree, cold hands.

You are getting better at sounding out the whole word too. For example, today you actually said Milk and not Mau. I suppose I have Shrek to thank for that. Since you've been sick I've allowed you quite a bit of TV including Shrek. You love the dragon. You have gotten pretty good at words ending in K, duck, truck, milk, Shrek.

Well done.

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January 17, 2009

Felix Bits: Chicken Pox

You've gots 'em.

Anything that takes you down a notch or two only make you into an even bigger snugglepuss than you already are. So sweet.

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January 15, 2009

Movie: Ring around the rosie

Talia had told me about going to pick up Felix at daycare and finding the group leader playing her violin while all the children danced around her. The image was almost too cute to believe, but I witnessed it myself, and caught it on film the other day.

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Movie: Felix says "Felix"

Felix, despite a rapidly growing vocabulary and an aptitude for mimicry, has steadfastly refused to say his own name...until now. "It's a hard name," said some, but he has long been able to say "Fiem" (the name of a girl in his class at daycare) and has no difficulty with the word "lick." I've put it down to random stubbornness, which is to say I have no idea why he waited this long, but now he's said it, and continues to say it, and will, as with most of his words, steadily say it better as time goes by. We haven't told him about "Milo" yet.

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January 11, 2009

Movie: Bouncing around the living room

Aside from the bonus nose-picking footage, this is intended to spotlight FM's ever-increasing coordination and general exuberance.

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January 10, 2009

Movie: Felix on ice

We recently had a freeze here in Amsterdam, so Felix took the opportunity to explore some parts of the park he normally can't reach.

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January 9, 2009

Felix Bits: Books

You favorites these days are the two train books: Little Train that Won a Medal and the Little Engine that Could. You also really enjoy Ollie these days and the book which lists about 25 different types of trucks.

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January 4, 2009

Felix Bits: Colors

For a few weeks now you have distinguished Yellow from all other colors. Today, you also added Blue to your repertoire. Looking at the towel hooks nearest to where you generally eat, your noted: Blu Towel and Yeo Towel. Funny that you can pronounce towel quite well but not yet yellow. Perhaps blue came next for your undying love for blueberries.

Also, several times this week, should one of the two towel be missing from the hook, you asked me to place another one on the hook. You seem to have a tendency towards order and neatness. Perhaps you take after your dada a bit too.

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Felix Bits: Swimming

We went to the pool today for the first time in a while. Many things have changed since our last visit. For one, you can say pool. For another, with the aid of water wings you stayed afloat kicking your way around the water a bit. First steps towards swimming. Next time we go we can try to practice drinking less water! Seems you like the taste.

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January 2, 2009

Felix Bits: Meow

Today I told you that you were the biggest snugglepuss I know. Your response was: Meow.

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