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January 22, 2009

Felix Bits: Words

You've been sick all week and that has lead to some frustrating conversations. You seem to not really know what you want and have several times a day gone into fits for reasons beyond my comprehension or control. For example, you wanted the big blanket off the bed and on the floor, that much i understood, but i couldn't guess the exact configuration of folds and directions you were trying to get me so desperately to understand with your cries and grunts. When I asked your to please "Use your words" - a phrase I have expressed to you several times a week since your birth - you responded with "Words." A first.

Thanks FM. That clears it right up.

You are otherwise expressing yourself and describing the things around you much better. No longer are all birds "Caw Caw". There are now hens, ducks, cranes, and goose. There are also new adjectives: big goose, big tree, cold hands.

You are getting better at sounding out the whole word too. For example, today you actually said Milk and not Mau. I suppose I have Shrek to thank for that. Since you've been sick I've allowed you quite a bit of TV including Shrek. You love the dragon. You have gotten pretty good at words ending in K, duck, truck, milk, Shrek.

Well done.

Posted by talia at January 22, 2009 4:54 PM