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June 16, 2009

Movie: Advance Retreat

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June 14, 2009

Felix reports

We recently left FM with his grandparents in Haifa while we went off to Istanbul for a v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n. He handled our absences with hardly a hiccup and, thanks to the regular reports copied below, we were able to (mostly) set our fears aside and enjoy ourselves. THANKS TO SAFTA AND SABA!!!

Felix report June 11, 14:15
As you were leaving, Sasa got me busy with the dryer, pushing buttons and removing dry cloths so I did not cry at all.
We all just lazed around until about 9, having breakfast etc.
After that Saba took me to the park and the zoo for couple of hours. We finished off this activity with pink ice-cream (lunch will be postponed for sure).
Of course by the time we got home I was dead tired so just got my hands and faced washed, collected my sleeping kit and am totally knockout now for the next hour or so.
Once during the morning I said 'Mama Dada trip' as stating a fact not sad or something like that but I did said immediately after that 'Mama Dada Felix trip' just so you know that it would be nice too. I am not sad. I know you deserve a break and I can manage quite well with Saba and Sasa
Enjoy your alone time.
Love you
Felix Report, June 11, 10:30pm
Today a had a boring afternoon but I have big plans for tomorrow (Saturday). I am told we will go to the swimming pool at Dafna's. I am sure it is a swimming pool because I asked several times if it is not the beach and I am assured it is a swimming pool.

I love that Yotveta Chocolate Milk Which I am told Mama likes too. I had quite a bit of it today, even instead warm milk.
A friend of other sasa stopped by today and brought me a coloring book, and I also played with purple play dough.

Hope you have a safe trip to Izmir and have fun at the wedding.
I miss you but it does not affect my general sweetness.
Felix Report June 12, 8:00am
Good morning Mama and Dada,

It has been 24 hours since you left and I am perfectly OK.

Yesterday, after a very good nap I set with savta Stella in the coffee shop she likes and had a big jar of the special pink yogurt they have. It was Yammy.

Later I went with Saba and Sasa to the mall and Sasa bought Saba and me great sandals.
I love these sandals so much that I asked Sasa to put them on first thing this morning, even before I had my milk.

OK, I am going to the supermarket to buy some more bumbum but mostly so I can take my new sandals for a walk.

Bye and kisses
Felix Report June 12, 7:30am
Good morning,

Yesterday I had a very busy day.

Started with your phone call. That was nice. i was happy to hear you voices. After that 'Felix Saba, Sasa and big Sasa' went to dafna's swimming pool. I don't know where they live bcs I was sleeping in the car all the way there and back, but while there I sure had fun.

I spent a lot of time in the children's pool. that was awesome. Ofek (whose name better not be pronounced by other English speaking people like I pronounce it) and Eden played with me all the time.

Bcs I slept in the car on the way back and I woke up suddenly when i woke up, I cried and cried for a while, and Saba and Sasa did not understand what I wanted. But I am not sure i did. But then, Sasa gave me from the new (sugarless) cereal she bought for me and I was OK. I also like to eat pink yogurt with a straw. And that chocolate milk is so yummy!

Don't forget to see the pictures I am sending you. i am sorry the quality is not that good, but you can see I am happy.

Love you

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