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December 30, 2009


We went to Oregon for Winter Vacation and there we encountered snow, enough snow to play in, enough snow to sled in.

I had one of my typical daddy/filmmaker experiences, as illustrated here:

In other words, while I caught the moment I almost lost the boy to the traffic at the bottom of our (in retrospect poorly chosen) sledding hill. Here's the next run, a bit calmer.

Goes without saying that he loved sledding. New England blood you know.

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December 16, 2009

Movie: Ain't Nobody

You should see what happens after lunch!

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December 10, 2009

Felix reads?

I sat Felix down in front of my computer the other day to Skype my father and thank him for the trainset (see Thoms Teardown). Felix, gazing at my Skype-filled screen, says "Paul." He says it clear as day, and then he says it again. This is, to say the least, puzzling. I have never called my father anything but "Grandpa" in FM's presence, and I certainly did not say "Paul" myself while setting up the call. And yet I did click on "Paul" because that's how Grandpa appears on Skype for me ("Paul Shuldiner" to be precise). What are the chances? Surely he hasn't learned to read without our noticing? (And yet it would not surprise me if, having learned to read, he'd decided to keep it to himself for fear it would reduce the amount of time we spend reading to him.) And yet the coincidence was too improbable to attribute to anything else as best I can see. A mystery.

Then this:

Note that this is a library book which he has had read to him exactly four times. I do think there's some reading going on here, though I'm still skeptical that this explains "Paul." Makes me want to read to him more, not less.

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December 9, 2009

Movie: And then

This is how a lot of Felix's stories go: on and on, but I'm sure it happened just as he describes it.

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December 8, 2009

Movie: Felix Ball

I thought this only worked with gerbils.

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December 3, 2009

Emergency preparedness

Felix's daycare requires an emergency pack for his use in case of, well, emergency. Here's what's required:

* Two types of non-perishable food (how about raisins and more raisins?)
* Two water packets
* Space blanket
* Family photo
* Note to child
* Small comfort toy

These last three bring too vividly to mind the image of FM, without us, dealing with his little world gone topsy-turvy. We have reason to believe he would not deal all that well: a couple of weeks ago he somehow (we still don't know how, but would like to) got the idea that his daycare building was falling down and mentioned this repeatedly, and worriedly, for several days thereafter. His pack will contain one of these pictures:

We will put one of his Thomas trains in by way of comfort and distraction. The thing that's really holding us up is the note: it's just too sad to think about. Maybe I'll have monkey write it.

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