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February 10, 2010

Movie: Role reversal

Felix has initiated a new game I call "role reversal." It begins with him putting on my house slippers and announcing that he's Daddy. I am then relegated to the role of Felix. The dialogs that ensue are, I think, frighteningly accurate on both sides--we know each other all too well--but what's most striking to me is how he maneuvers matters to achieve his ends, in this case a chance to watch some video:

And notice how well he does in the slippers. I have movies of him falling all over himself in those just a few months back.

Apologies for the bad video quality lately, we'll be fixing that soon.

Posted by atshuldiner at February 10, 2010 7:46 AM


I'm so glad Yone seems to be leaving the role-phase! I'm fed up with being 'kindje' all the time!

Posted by: Cisca at February 13, 2010 5:01 PM