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April 23, 2010

Felix Bits: Costco

I made chicken and peas for dinner last night, between a package of frozen boneless thighs i buy organic from Costco and peas, it's an excellent goto meal which takes all of 10 minutes to get to the table. And Felix loves it, we all do. He was going on and on last night about how good it is and how i'm such a nice mommy for making it for him.

This morning, the empty pot was (still) on the kitchen table and when FM went to the kitchen and saw the pot he started up again about what a good dinner that was.

Speaking of Costco, we were reading a Babar book the other day (Babar goes to America) where at some point the large elephant king finds himself knocking all the items off the shelf in the supermarket. Felix says:

"He should have gone to Costco."

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April 20, 2010

Old times, new times

In anticipation of the arrival of a new child I have gone through a lot of Felix's early material. "Hard to believe" doesn't begin to cover my reaction to this, nor to the thought that we are about to go through all this again. This time, though, we'll do it in style:

Not incidentally, I have fixed all the movies that were failing to play. Enjoy (and email me if you find anything else not working!).

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Movie: Naughty Little Kittens

A bit hard to make out perhaps, but the cute comes through regardless. Subtitles:

Five little kittens who lost their mittens
Oh mother dear, we lost our mittens
What! Lost your mittens?
You naughty little kittens
You shall have no pie

We found our mittens
Oh, mother dear, we found our mittens
What! You found your mittens?
You good little kittens
You shall have some pie

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April 15, 2010

Felix Bits: Kids

Today, as we were all in bed (after pulling me out of bed to make him breakfast, FM had the nerve to ask me to get back into bed with him and Dada) FM asked if we could have more kids.

Well, sure. Great idea. How's in two weeks for ya?

Love, Mama

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