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August 31, 2010

Felix grows

You may recall a posting some months back about Felix's first visit to a dentist. We went again today for his six month checkup. February...August...February...August...February.... Whoa, the boy has grown.

And his teeth are still good!

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Arlo's visit

Yes, Rachel came, too, but although Felix has asked where Dr. Hastings lives, he has repeatedly asked when Arlo will visit again. So, uh, when will Arlo visit again? Having two three-year-old boys in the house was surprisingly pleasant.

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Family times

Just a few photos we took while WAITING FOR THE BIRTH OF OUR NIECE AND COUSIN....

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August 30, 2010

Gideon Bits: Hands

It may have been that I was at the office too much when Felix was at this stage, but watching Gideon improve his grasping algorithm is simply amazing; he makes progress by the hour. We had a major improvement a day or two ago when he started not opening his hand once something is in it that he wants. He is now beginning to figure out that holding something at a distance from his mouth is often the best way actually to get that something in his mouth. I threw him off somewhat, however, by sticking a jingling fish bracelet on his wrist today. He was very annoyed to find that stuffing his hands in his mouth did not get the fish in, too, an unwelcome exception to the rules, just when he’d thought he had the whole thing figured out.

Nom nom nom.

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August 23, 2010

Felix Bits: wishes

Me (to Alec while nursing in the parking lot of an IHOP): I wish we had a waffle iron.

Felix (in the back seat): Well, you next time you get an eyelash on your cheek you could grab it with your fingers to make a wish and then blow on it and then you'd wish for a waffle iron and then you would get a waffle iron.


Felix: That's kind of a really long story but really it's a short one.

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August 21, 2010

Little Arrows

Felix goes to daycare at a place called "Little Arrows." The following excerpt from their "back to school" email is a good illustration of what a fun and funny place it is.

We also have a few reminders about our school policies, thanks in advance for your support with these!

Our schools are Peanuts and Yogurt free

We are a Media free school, no T.V or Movie characters on gear or clothing and no action figures or princesses at school

We are also Non Violent environment, please leave the weapons at home

We will have Committee Sign Ups at Fiesta and welcome your support!

Finally we are excited to roll out our abundant enrichment schedule for the Corner school next year, we are grateful for all our gifted Guides!

Monday: Spanish with Alissandra; past bilingual Guide who rejoins us after becoming a mother.

Tuesday: Dance with Julia; Professional Dancer and Choreographer with 2 Little Arrows Graduates

Wednesday: Music with Velvy; professional musician, member of band 3 At Last, filmmaker, father of a Little Arrows graduate

Thursday: Sound and Movement with Teya, returning Waldorf teacher

Friday: "Wahpah" Martial Arts with Joshua, Buffalo Guide

Varying Days to touch all our Little Arrows;

Noelle; longtime Garden Educator, Environmental Education in our Gardens
Molly, Eagle Guide, Fiber Arts
Kari, Frog Guide, Ceramics now with wheel
Jason, Guide, Yoga and Breath
Dave, Guide, Building and Construction

We are so excited to see you in September!

He's a lucky guy for sure.

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August 18, 2010

Gideon goes to the doctor

Don't panic! All is well! A happy tale, this.

Gideon's got a cold, but because it isn't getting better, because it's been some weeks now, but above all because California is suffering from an epidemic of whooping cough, we decided to take him in. The boring stuff: he really only does have a cold, though also an ear infection. However, while at the doctor's office, on that hard examining bench, Gideon turned over by himself from back to front! Furthermore, he weighs a whopping 15.5 pounds and all of it CUTE. Finally, he himself doesn't appear to be in any way inconvenienced by these sniffles, and certainly it has not affected his appetite, his output, his sleeping, or his cheery mood. Judge for yourself, shown below:

He is really shaping up quite nicely and has become a proper roly-poly baby. He is quickly developing the musculature necessary to support sitting up, is enormously fond of "standing," has total head control, and is making rapid progress in gaining control of his hands. It is all very exciting to see. Also cute.

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August 15, 2010

Movie: Gideon grabs!

It's not the most grabby he's been, but it's a great start! Realizing you have hands is the first step to rather a lot of other things you'll need to do.

UPDATE, a few hours later: Gideon started grabbing yesterday or perhaps the day before. What a thrill to see him start to make the connection between those things that wave around in front of his face and appendages under his control. I basked in the glow of his progress for about 24 hours, that is to say until this afternoon on the playground when he grabbed my sunglasses, ripped them off my face, and threw them on the ground. Right: first comes coordination, then comes mischief. Still, it's quite incredible to see him hourly gaining increased control of his hands and arms, whatever use he may put them to aside.

UPDATE, 18 August: His tendency to try to grab things while still clutching each hand in the other is abating, leading to individual control of each appendage. On the other hand, he is still sometimes raising his feet as well as his hands when he reaches for something. It's adorable.

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August 12, 2010

Felix Bits: Cats

Felix: Mama, why do I have so much hair in my mouth?
Me: Uh, I don't know, did you lick the cat?
Yaya: redefining Fe-licks the cat.

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August 9, 2010

Lassen Trip

Family vacation time! Now what, exactly, does that mean? Family is what we do, so going somewhere together does not mean a break for any of us nor, in practice, does it feel much like a "vacation." Still, we had some pretty good times. Most of the trip was spent with our friends, Shanna and Shaun, in Lassen National Park. Friends and park alike are highly recommended. Thereafter a detour to the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, mostly by way of justifying a visit to our favorite steakhouse (Jack's in Redding), before running down Route 5 to Calistoga. We recovered some in the thermal baths of a hotel there before moving on to Bullfrog Pond in Guerneville for a couple of nights.

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