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August 18, 2010

Gideon goes to the doctor

Don't panic! All is well! A happy tale, this.

Gideon's got a cold, but because it isn't getting better, because it's been some weeks now, but above all because California is suffering from an epidemic of whooping cough, we decided to take him in. The boring stuff: he really only does have a cold, though also an ear infection. However, while at the doctor's office, on that hard examining bench, Gideon turned over by himself from back to front! Furthermore, he weighs a whopping 15.5 pounds and all of it CUTE. Finally, he himself doesn't appear to be in any way inconvenienced by these sniffles, and certainly it has not affected his appetite, his output, his sleeping, or his cheery mood. Judge for yourself, shown below:

He is really shaping up quite nicely and has become a proper roly-poly baby. He is quickly developing the musculature necessary to support sitting up, is enormously fond of "standing," has total head control, and is making rapid progress in gaining control of his hands. It is all very exciting to see. Also cute.

Posted by atshuldiner at August 18, 2010 12:46 AM