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August 21, 2010

Little Arrows

Felix goes to daycare at a place called "Little Arrows." The following excerpt from their "back to school" email is a good illustration of what a fun and funny place it is.

We also have a few reminders about our school policies, thanks in advance for your support with these!

Our schools are Peanuts and Yogurt free

We are a Media free school, no T.V or Movie characters on gear or clothing and no action figures or princesses at school

We are also Non Violent environment, please leave the weapons at home

We will have Committee Sign Ups at Fiesta and welcome your support!

Finally we are excited to roll out our abundant enrichment schedule for the Corner school next year, we are grateful for all our gifted Guides!

Monday: Spanish with Alissandra; past bilingual Guide who rejoins us after becoming a mother.

Tuesday: Dance with Julia; Professional Dancer and Choreographer with 2 Little Arrows Graduates

Wednesday: Music with Velvy; professional musician, member of band 3 At Last, filmmaker, father of a Little Arrows graduate

Thursday: Sound and Movement with Teya, returning Waldorf teacher

Friday: "Wahpah" Martial Arts with Joshua, Buffalo Guide

Varying Days to touch all our Little Arrows;

Noelle; longtime Garden Educator, Environmental Education in our Gardens
Molly, Eagle Guide, Fiber Arts
Kari, Frog Guide, Ceramics now with wheel
Jason, Guide, Yoga and Breath
Dave, Guide, Building and Construction

We are so excited to see you in September!

He's a lucky guy for sure.

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