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August 15, 2010

Movie: Gideon grabs!

It's not the most grabby he's been, but it's a great start! Realizing you have hands is the first step to rather a lot of other things you'll need to do.

UPDATE, a few hours later: Gideon started grabbing yesterday or perhaps the day before. What a thrill to see him start to make the connection between those things that wave around in front of his face and appendages under his control. I basked in the glow of his progress for about 24 hours, that is to say until this afternoon on the playground when he grabbed my sunglasses, ripped them off my face, and threw them on the ground. Right: first comes coordination, then comes mischief. Still, it's quite incredible to see him hourly gaining increased control of his hands and arms, whatever use he may put them to aside.

UPDATE, 18 August: His tendency to try to grab things while still clutching each hand in the other is abating, leading to individual control of each appendage. On the other hand, he is still sometimes raising his feet as well as his hands when he reaches for something. It's adorable.

Posted by atshuldiner at August 15, 2010 8:30 PM