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October 4, 2010

Movie: Felix fears

Felix is not, by any means, a fearful child, but there's something out there for us all, something scary. By way of run up to the movie, below, let me mention that Felix had asked to go see the big blue puppet, that I had walked over to the puppet with him, that he had expressed nothing but frank curiosity while we did so, and that he totally freaked out and ran away screaming after I surreptitiously reached around behind the puppet and made its arm move, seemingly on its own. Charmingly, as he ran, he screamed for me to get away from the suddenly dangerous puppet, too. This displayed presence of mind and love in equal measures. As the movie shows, he was still pretty leery of the puppet even some time later. Gideon, of course, remained stolid throughout, as is his wont.

I love how Felix handles what few fears he has. First comes the realization that he is afraid--that the puppet is unexpectedly alive, that the big boulder in his Thomas episode has a spooky hidden face--then comes the story telling, sometimes lasting for days, wherein he relates how scared he was by the experience. This is followed, or has been in past episodes, by a request to be exposed again to the terror, preferably while holding a parental hand. With familiarity the fear ebbs, until he is able to enjoy the experience, and with it a certain pride at having outgrown his childish fright. Then comes more story telling, sometimes lasting for weeks and weeks and weeks.

In this video I attempt to accelerate the process by detoxifying the puppet:

Not sure how successful it was: on the one hand, he still refused to come near it, but on the other he seems pretty amused by it all some days later. The real test is to return to the scene of the scare and see how he handles that.

Posted by atshuldiner at October 4, 2010 7:45 PM