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February 21, 2011

Movie: Dumb Dumble

This movie was taken at Felix's birthday party, but I'm making it a separate entry because really it's about Felix's imaginary (?) friend, or rather colleague, Dumb Dumble:

In discussing future birthday parties Felix states "I'm not going to be around, I'm going to be at work, I'm going to be at work with Dumb Dumble." His schoolmates are unsurprised: neither this announcement nor the fact that he's being kissed by a chicken is news to them. Nor to us: Felix talks about his work with DD all the time. If even a fraction of that time is billable the two are doing quite well for themselves.

Some background:

The day before our most recent visit to the pediatrician (a couple weeks shy of his fourth birthday), Felix introduces me to his friend, Dumb Dumble. This is the first time Felix has mentioned an imaginary friend before.
FM: He tells me that Dumb Dumble is a Vegetarian
Mama: Really? What does that mean?
FM: Oh, it means he takes care of animals.
Mama: Oh, I think you mean he's a Veterinarian.

Felix goes on to tell me that he's going to tell the Dr. all about him.

As the days go by, Felix's life with Dumb Dumble grows more robust. They work together, they take care of people too, not only animals. They work, but only in the summer months. Soon, they will be setting up the office because now it is winter and soon it will be summer again.

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