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May 31, 2011

Really, Gid?

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May 25, 2011

Movie: Gideon runs

We should have known: he skipped walking and went straight to running. In a track suit no less.

And when he's not running he's still grooving right along.

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May 21, 2011

The Rapture

Gideon prepares for The Rapture.

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May 18, 2011

Movie: Not a drop spilled

Well, almost. Darn good first time out, Gid!

Remember this one? Same tea.

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May 15, 2011

Trip to Steep Ravine

It's been a challenge to squeeze in some one on one time with Felix, but finally, I managed. We headed just a bit up north and stayed in a cabin in Steep Ravine, on the mighty Pacific. We loved it and can't wait to go back.

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May 13, 2011

Movie: So close!

Why don't you want to walk? No pressure or anything, but why why why why why?

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May 11, 2011


featuring all (well, mostly) new material, winsome reflections, and a lesson or two learned!

OK, first of all, who we talking about? We talking about the one and only...




The boy's a year old, which means a year ago today we were here:

And let's not forget that by "we," we mean we four:

Yes, Gideon came into this world with a brother waiting for him (and me behind the camera as usual), and that brother has been by his side all year long:

Nor, lucky baby, has that brother been all his nearby family, for but a few months after Gideon came Bay, his darling (and rather smaller) cousin:

It's been a lovely experience watching them grow, though truth be told they still require much watching when together:

He means well, Bay, he's just a bit of a bruiser by nature:

It's hard to imagine Gideon as a small baby, though the record shows he did start that way:

But he was well fed:

And grew fast:

And is now a very big boy indeed:

Big and very active (note Josephine, his best friend, in the background):

And yet, or rather because of this, in most of the year's photos he is asleep:

Gideon does have his quiet moments:

And an occasional very loud one:

But the very great majority of the time, as a small baby and a large one, he has been good humored and wonderful to have around:

Like all babies Gideon is intent on exploring his world, whether by hand:

Or by mouth:

He's a grabby baby, for sure, and bears close watching:

But he has learned that not everything can be touched as some things--hot pizza, for example--can give you a real booboo:

Gideon is often on the go and his modes of transport are many and varied:

But nothing beats your own two feet, eh Gid? You can stand, we have hard-won video evidence of that:

And you can walk, indeed, nearly run with something in your hands:

And you are one agile little fellow for sure:

Not to mention extremely fit:

But you just don't seem to want walking enough to have put it all together. Not yet, but soon, very soon!

Never fear, you've plenty of other milestones behind you. You reliably sleep through the night with only a single bottle break. You have mastered stairs and the getting off of and, in some cases, on to furniture. You have FOUR TEETH:

(Just you try getting a better photo.) Though lacking words much beyond "dada" and "mama" you are nonetheless highly communicative:

And very clear about what you want;

And just this morning I caught you climbing out of your high chair and half way onto the kitchen table. Not all milestones are to be celebrated.

One cannot help but compare the second child with the first. Do you remember Felix at this age? Walking aside, they have hit just about every step of development at the very same age, and both have been generally very easy and a lot of fun. But there are differences. Gideon is (even) less easily frustrated, in every sense, than Felix (as I have blogged elsewhere): Felix was more impulsive, Gideon, if it can be believed, is calculating. Felix was strong for a baby, but Gideon is strong, period. Felix was totally fearless, but Gideon is afraid of one of the Thomas trains, and only one, and then only when it's in motion (why?). Felix was always very affectionate, Gideon hardly ever. And Gideon, unlike Felix, is a born eater. Also, unlike Felix, Gideon is a good sleeper, and for that we are very grateful, thus awarding him a taste of that most delicious of treats, ice cream!

But more important than the difference between the babies is the difference between their environments. Gideon has had more of dada's time and less of mama's (though a good deal of both) than Felix did. Both dada and mama are more experienced and, it must be said, more lax than they were with the number one son. Gideon is growing up in the countryside, Felix was a city baby. Gideon has had less exposure to water but even more exposure to playgrounds. But above all, Gideon has had Felix, his example, his irrepressible presence, his brotherhood.

As Gideon has grown he has inevitably begun to encroach on Felix's space:

And his things...

And his people:

But Felix has learned to accept these intrusions and so we are, on the whole, a happy family:

And what of lessons learned? Time, tiredness, and the demands of a vocal four-year-old have frequently conspired to limit the amount of attention Gideon gets: within reason, it doesn't seem to matter. Gideon deeply enjoys paging through books, mauling toys, and otherwise amusing himself. In fact, the only time he ever insists on attention is when he is hungry, and since he gets a good deal of love and has a stable pattern to his days he is and appears to be getting along quite well. Babies make do, or at least this one, no orchid, does.

OK, now back to the good stuff....

GM’s a great kid, robust, outgoing, fearless...

strong, ineluctable...

...and he’s ONE YEAR OLD. Gideon Morel Shuldiner you're the greatest and your daddy super loves you, especially when you wear my hat:

We promise we'll always be by your side!

Keep going, baby boy, keep going!

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May 7, 2011

Movie: Try, try, try, try, try again

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