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August 27, 2012

Street Cred

I was chatting with one of Gideon's new day care teachers and she relayed the following story: It's lunchtime in the yard and all the kids are at the various picnic tables digging into their lunchboxes. Harmony, a girl at Little Arrows, walks up to Giddy and says, stop eating out of Felix's lunch box. Not understanding that:

a) actually it was Giddy's lunchbox which happens to look similar to Felix's
b) Giddy's not one to take orders from anyone
c) Giddy does not care to have a meal interrupted

Giddy keeps eating. Bothered by the lack of deference from the Mayor of Fairfax the girl complains to the teacher. The teacher then says, oh, but Harmony, Giddy is Felix's little brother. For the rest of the day the little girl showers love on Giddy.

That's one lucky little brother.

Posted by talia at August 27, 2012 3:44 AM