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May 11, 2013


Gideon, your day has come! Let's take a look!

I think we can all agree that Gideon has a distinctive style (try insisting that he look you in the eyes sometime if you want to experience it in concentrated form; not an experience for the faint-hearted) and that style has not changed substantially over the course of the year. What has changed this past twelve-month, my dear Gid, is your speech. Let's review just how far you've come. Here you are, a day or two after your second birthday, enjoying an electronic card from your grandmother...and largely failing to vocalize intelligibly (though we understood you just fine):

And here you are in August of that year, thus three months later, still not winning any prizes for enunciation, even when you're not burping:

Then, but a month or two later, you started to pull things together:

Actually, upon review I realize that the only person talking in that video was me, but I bet no one regrets watching it. Anyway, by November you were quite good:

Though your Transylvanian accent lingers to this day, no one has any trouble understanding you, nor you any of us. So let us celebrate a little boy who really deserves it:

Happy, happy birthday Gideon!

Posted by atshuldiner at May 11, 2013 4:52 PM