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October 17, 2013

How Felix learns

Hi there,
well we have been so lucky with the weather this fall. It's been so gorgeous every Wednesday. Yesterday was no exception and we took advantage of the clear skies to go to yet another amazing spot with a view. I took the kids up to cascade open space preserve in the Laurel Drive neighborhood of Fairfax. On the way up we got to hear a story about how deer defeated the dragon from Ashwer who was filling in for Spencer. Once at the open space we noticed soil color differences and looked for madrone berries. We ate snack under a madrone tree, reviewed some hazards and then headed up a steep trail on top of which we found a amazing view of downtown Fairfax. We tried to find our houses and school and such, we definitely found good earth, it was easy to spot. Afterwards we were challenged to practice our scout skills by walking down the fireroad as a blindfolded group with just one person being the eyes for everyone. For some it was a highlight for others an edge, a worthwhile game in any case. As a last treat we took a steep secret trail down to a great tire swing. After closing circle we headed back and got to hear the story of the cedar woman from Asher.

more tails an trails next week.

With smiles,

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