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December 28, 2013

Movie: Spelunking with the boys

What a very amazing place, and what very brave boys to slither down a rock tube onto a bit of beach occasionally washed with tide! Note the very excellent camera work by Felix.

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December 24, 2013

Movie: Gideon drinks the sea

That was his second helping. And right afterwards Gid asked the sort of question that reminds one that despite these sorts of shenanigans he's really a very intelligent person: "Where does all the salt come from?"

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December 22, 2013

Gideon and the MOTU

This movie is not so much meant to be watched as it is meant to be listened to, with your eyes closed, with someone next to you to assure you that what you are hearing is not coming from an actual dangerous creature but from a three-year-old with a vivid imagination and a possibly abnormal larynx.

MOTU for those who do not know is an acronym for Masters of the Universe, better known simply as "He-Man." MOTU is arguably Gideon's first independently discovered passion. It fits, it fits.

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December 8, 2013

Nature After School, 8 Dec 2013

last week we visited the sunny south facing slopes of Sorich Ranch open space and had quite the adventure there. After hearing the story of how concho came to be, we started by having snack and playing on the big rock. After a game of guardian of the rock we headed up the trail to the special trees with swings on them. We harvested soap root all along the way for our firekits so that we can make a fire in the upcoming colder sessions. We had a nice time playing at the swings and identifying trees. Just as it was getting to be time to go, someone noticed a big wing on the ground. It had dark brown feathers and was still quite intact. We spent some time questioning who it belonged to and how it got there. In the middle of that, dane noticed something on the ground close by. Upon closer look, it turned out to be the remains of a young deer! We found hooves and rib cage and skull and everything. Wow, quite the mystery. For closing circle we were blessed by a beautiful moonrise and sunset as we tried to sit in silence for a bit and enjoy it.

We apologize for having been late. We got so excited about the nature mysteries we found. We will be earlier this time. I hope no one got too cold waiting for us.

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