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May 23, 2014

Audio: A shooting star

Sung while sitting together watching for shooting stars one night.

Posted by atshuldiner at 5:59 AM

May 11, 2014

Movie: The Big Payoff

A lot of setup, but clearly worth the payoff.

Posted by atshuldiner at 6:36 AM

Movies: Happy Birthday Gideon

Two from his birthday party. First, showing our apparent failure to teach him how to blow out a candle.

Second, something he taught himself.

Again, Gid, Happy Birthday to YOU!

Posted by atshuldiner at 6:16 AM

Movie: Saltines Gettysburg

I'd expected more spectacular results--he'll have to practice his Saltines Speaking--but he does have the first half of the Gettysburg Address pretty pat.

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He's four today, and with a personality bigger than life, so big, in fact, only movies can tell the story. So here's, Gid, age three, in never-before-shared archival footage. We've got slapstick, videoless video, and even one in which Gid both directs and stars! Happy Birthday Gid, and happy viewing all!

That's all folks!

Posted by atshuldiner at 5:45 AM