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November 3, 2014

10 Dogs

In an email sent from Gideon's daycare earlier today:

Today we began the journey of finding our Animal Self, the children and staff lay quietly with eyes closed in the dimly lit lunch room while listening to a story that takes them on a magical imaginary forest walk. A beautiful journey in the mind through sights, smells and textures that ends at the edge of a cool clear flowing stream. Your children take their shoes and socks off and dip their toes into the crystal clear rushing water and as they enjoy the sensation of cool running water across their feet they look up to see an animal sitting on a large stump across the stream basking in a beam of warm sunlight, this animal is looking directly into their eyes with kind, warm familiarity. This is their animal self.

One by one we call the children aside individually and have them whisper into our ear what animal was sitting on the stump. In the coming months we will learn more about our animals selves and how they are incorporated into who we are. Ask your child about todays journey and about their animal self.

Here are todays animal selves;

Shirley is a Dog
Marlena is a Frog
Tristan is an Elephant
Mimi is a Butterfly
Mila is a Kitty
Gideon is 10-Dogs
Roman is a Frog
Ben is a Tiger
Terra is a Dog
Seth is a Deer
Monique is an Alligator
Ashlyn is a Deer
Lila is a Kitty Cat
Matias is an Alligator
Cia is a Fox
Logan is a Cheetah
Alma is a Bird
Genevieve is a Giraffe

10 animals. I'd have guessed a 20-to-1 ratio, but I suppose 10 is right.

Posted by atshuldiner at November 3, 2014 7:17 AM